Why we invest

The meat, dairy, egg, and seafood sectors represent a trillion-dollar global market that is ripe for innovation and large-scale disruption.

Conventional animal agriculture is driving environmental and public health crises worldwide, introducing unprecedented risk into the global marketplace across various industries. At the same time, the inefficiencies of animal agriculture threaten our long-term ability to feed a rapidly growing global population.

Fixing this broken system poses the most vital economic and ethical imperative of our time.


How we invest

We provide Angel, Seed and Series A funding to early-stage companies with the potential to transform the trillion-dollar global market of industrial animal agriculture--a system at its economic, environmental, and ethical breaking point.


Areas of Investment

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Food Tech

Novel forms of production with protectable IP and CPG element.

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Plant-based replacements for meat, dairy, eggs, or seafood.

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Cellular Ag

Advanced fermentation and tissue engineering to produce animal products from the cellular level.

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Distribution and systems that increase consumer access to mission-aligned products.

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New approaches that fall in line with our investment thesis.