Funding the future of food


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Who We Are


Early Stage

We are a specialized private venture fund that primarily provides Angel, Seed, and Series A funding, with investments ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000


Mission Driven

Our team views conventional animal agriculture as an antiquated and inefficient food production system with serious vulnerabilities that is ripe for innovation and large-scale disruption.


Single Focus

We invest in companies developing meat, dairy, eggs and seafood with plant-based ingredients or through cellular agriculture, as well as companies that promote and distribute these products. For a deeper dive on why and how we deploy our capital, read our investment thesis.



Our mission transcends borders, and so does our portfolio. 


About Us

New Crop Capital is an evergreen fund managed by Unovis Partners, a global investment firm focused on companies developing replacements to animal protein products. Unovis’ mission is to transform the global food system by investing in solutions that facilitate sustained behavioral change and eliminate the production and consumption of animal protein products. Post investment, Unovis supports founders by sharing their culinary knowledge, understanding of consumer habits, experience in food manufacturing, and network of industry experts to de-risk investments and build strong, resilient brands.